INESS Consult

INESS Consult s.r.o. is a for-profit branch of the recognized think-tank INESS – Institute of Economic and Social Studies.

INESS Consult builds on INESS members’ experience, knowledge and contacts. We deliver economic and financial analyses to provide objective opinion and advice to help resolve complex disputes and inform legislative, judicial, regulatory, and business decision makers.

We focus on:

  • direct and indirect investment consulting for domestic and foreign investors 
  • commercial economic research and analysis
  • regional and local social and economic studies
  • commercial Social and Economic Impact Assessments of legislative proposals and policy changes

Through INESS Consult you will have access to the broad network of Slovak experts and professional staff with whom we have collaborated in the past. These experts are renowned academics, former senior government officials, experienced industry leaders and seasoned consultants. Should you require independent expert testimony or analysis, original authoritative studies or strategic consulting services we can locate and hire Slovak experts in the following fields: 

• Monetary policy

• Social and Pension Systems

• Antitrust/Competition

• Labor Market

• Public Policy

• Regional Development

• Energy

• Public Finance

• Environment

• Healthcare

• Financial Services

• Education

• Banking

• Real Estate

• Trends in the Slovak Economy



Please contact:

Mr. Juraj Karpiš
+421 903 868 807
INESS Consult s.r.o.
Zvolenská 1777/4
010 08 Žilina




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